The Value of Custom Military Coins to the Modern Day Soldier

Custom military coins have an interesting origin. They began as intricately decorated and boldly colored coins given to Ancient Roman soldiers for their service in addition to regular wages. The coins were as good as gold or silver in those times and could be spent or traded for all sorts of things their owners desired. Only, the coins were so elaborately made that more and more of these soldiers developed an attachment to them.

custom military coinsThey preferred to collect instead of spend them as the coins not only represented a day’s hard earned pay, but were also beautiful remembrances of how they had sacrificed much more than the ordinary citizen. The more coins a soldier had, the more pride he felt about himself and in serving his country. The coins transformed from being simple items of trade into evidence of valour and loyalty to the state.

Centuries later, it was precisely this deep, multi-faceted sense of sentimentality that gave way to both the practical use of and many symbolism these coins have today.

Although no longer financially useful, the coins’ main purpose is for soldiers to be able to prove that they had indeed served in a specific unit. Custom military coins are a type of challenge coin and are named as such because they are usually brought into view when a “challenger” requests such proof of service. Considering that designs are made to be unique from unit to unit, a coin is meant to speak for itself. When a challenger, fellow soldier, or even a well-informed civilian recognizes a design, images of what had transpired in a particular battle should easily come to mind. In one glance, these coins should be the best visual aids of the stories they tell.

Secondly, these coins were given out to boost morale and encourage camaraderie. Given that they are awarded to a group and not an individual, this tells soldiers that they managed to work seamlessly together, that their cooperation and consideration of one another was impeccable; all of which are qualities needed by men fighting on the same side against a common threat. The units awarded with their customized coins became an example to and set the standard for other soldiers going down similar paths.

Custom military coins have also managed to transcend the otherwise solid military hierarchies and have become tokens of true and equal brotherhood. From privates to sergeants, from corporals to even generals, all members of one unit will all be given the same coin. No one gets less, no one gets more; the coins do not delineate between superiors and inferiors. The significance of ranks is replaced by the knowledge that they have all become brothers at arms fighting on the same side and making victories for the same reasons.

Lastly, custom military coins serve as a great comfort for soldiers.

All service man are acutely aware of the fact that they may never be part of the same unit the next time they are called to duty, that friends and loved ones may become casualties that they themselves may retire from service, never to be around the same soldiers again. The coins they are given may very well be all what is left to remind them of the bonds they made.

Although soldiers have their lives outside of warfare to return to as well as family and friends to welcome them back, they still feel closest to those who can relate to the full range of emotional, mental, and physical experiences they were exposed to while on the battlegrounds. To these soldiers, knowing that others hold the same coin dear to them is equivalent to knowing that they will always have companions long after the dust has settled.

At the end of the day, when custom military coins are resting snugly in a soldiers’ pocket, are neatly tucked into a safety deposit box or are resting solemnly on dressers, they tell their owners only one thing: regardless of seniority, bullets fired and bullets dodged, whether they stay in service or reenter the realms of civilian living, they are and will always be men and women of honor who are the pride and protection of the country they have so bravely served.

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Tips in Valuing Long island real estate

real estateIf you buy a Long island real estate property, you should know its value so that the price being quoted is not above its worth. To know its value, you should determine the amount of money it should make. Other factors to consider which are also vital are age and demographics.

Know the location and legal description of the real estate property. Know its present condition so that you will know the kind of repairs you need to invest in. Check it properly and see if there are unauthorized dwellers there. Vacant properties are sometimes inhabited by these unauthorized dwellers.

Go to the office on property tax appraisal and check the property’s records. Remember that every county has a tax authority reporting a commercial and residential property. Hire a certified appraiser having experience in conducting a review that is comprehensive and independent.

Know the sum of money your Long island real estate property shall make. In order to get to its NOI or net operating income, know the difference of the total income it brings in such as fees and rent and then take away from this amount the expenditures. This kind of income is not your profit but it is your pre-taxes and it will tell you the amount of money your property takes in.

The next thing to calculate is the capitalization rate where you shall divide your NOI with the FMV or fair market value, your sale price or the amount asked for. The FMV shall be quoted to you by your agent specializing in commercial real estate properties. The percentage you get is usually six to ten percent. You should then divide the whole of your NOI with your capitalization rate. The number you get shall be the property’s value.

In valuing your commercial real estate, you should also determine the economics and demographics of the place. If the area is booming, the property may be more valuable in the future. It would then be wise to pay more than its current value. It may be costly now but it may be more cost efficient in the long run. This shall give you more profits.

Know the age of the real estate property. It shall sell for more if it is new and well-constructed. If it is old and dilapidated, you may spend more money to make it fully operational, so the property cost would have to be brought down.

Assess the maintenance cost of the property. Check tax obligations, incentives or exemptions. There are many counties that give tax credits to those businesses stimulating the economy of the locality such as job creations. Compute any material or equipment’s depreciated cost.

These are the tips you should know in valuing Long island real estate.

5 Red Flags When Hiring a Keynote Speaker

Not all impressive speakers are worth your time. Some will give you more problems rather than helpful advice. Here are the five red flags to watch out for when hiring a keynote speaker.

1.The speaker claims extensive knowledge but less experience

Knowledge by theory and knowledge by practice are two different things. Knowing a lot of things about a certain subject is only certified by application, so if the keynote speaker you like to hire claims to know the topic of the event extensively but cannot back up his claims with actual experience, you might as well study the subject matter and deliver the speech yourself.

The audience will look for credibility, and for most of them, credibility is only certified by extensive experience. That makes up a real expert. Look for a candidate’s whole body of work and industry involvement to be sure.

2.The speaker is a frequent guest of a competitor

There is really nothing wrong with hiring a keynote speaker who usually takes part in activities of your direct competitors (if it is for business or organization). Maybe you just want to have the best that your competitors usually have.

However, you have to take note that frequent guest speakers sometimes hold allegiance to whomever trust them first and the most. There is also a possibility that your payment is lower than what others usually give. As a result, you might get less than what you pay for.

You also have to be careful about sharing your strategies that you want the speaker to expound to an audience (i.e. your employees or associates). If the speaker has closer ties with a competitor, it is just a matter of time before your corporate secrets cross over other fences.

3.The speaker is obviously egocentric

There are famous and infamous speakers. Famous speakers educate, inspire, motivate, and make sure that the audience is one with him all throughout the speech. Infamous speakers, on the other hand, are credible yet egocentric speakers who like talking a lot about themselves instead of focusing on the subject matter. It is given that a keynote speaker is hired based on merits, so he should no longer push his achievements harder – and event organizers should find clues if he will.

Keynote speakerAsk for referrals to find the most credible and reliable speakers. If you have candidates, ask for feedback from references who already hired them. Ask them: “Are you willing to hire this speaker again?”

You can also check online. Great speakers opt to prod discussions online through their past contented and impressed audiences (or the other way around). The right speaker will think of his audience first.

4.The speaker refuses to work with the organizer

Okay, a credible speaker knows his job very well. He’s probably did it a thousand times before. Nonetheless, different events have different requirements. Even the same subject matter might require different treatments and focal points when delivered. Thus, a speaker should properly coordinate with organizers not only for the details but for the preparations as well (e.g. visual presentations, handouts, etc.).

Some speakers think highly of themselves that they see the fact of them being gusted as the organizer’s and audience’s honor. It might be really be the case, but there is no need to sell the idea. Cooperation is important towards a successful speaking engagement.

5.The speaker cannot commit attendance

This happens with VIPs who have their schedules fully-booked and are on standby for emergency meetings. Company CEOs who are scheduled to give speeches usually have their proxies on standby just in case a last-minute emergency takes place. If the keynote speaker you are hiring is a really big name in the industry, learn how to adjust. Otherwise, just find somebody else for the job who can commit.

The Essence of a Meaningful Funeral Service

A meaningful funeral service starts with a good funeral home. If you choose a funeral home that provides run-of-the-mill services, you cannot expect an excellent funeral service that your dearly departed loved one deserves. Funeral services are brisk business in the country, especially in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. If you seek the best funeral services Knoxville, TN, you should not be at a loss as the area is home to some of the nation’s best funeral homes and crematories.

When a loved one dies, the remaining family normally is at a loss as to how to deal with the funeral. This is where the funeral home comes in. The funeral home, aside from holding funeral services Knoxville, TN, processes various death-related transactions like obtaining death certificate, coordinating with the clergy, the funeral details and times, composing obituaries, floral arrangements, and marketing various vaults, urns, and caskets.

Funeral servicesOther services that a funeral home normally offers are providing pallbearers (if the family wishes) and assisting in filing for benefits like Veterans benefits, insurance claims, and Social Security). There are also extra services like bagpipes, releasing of doves, and commemorative DVDs of the deceased person’s life.

The funeral services Knoxville, TN are offered depending on what the person was when he or she was still alive. Some of the funeral services are cremation, embalming, visitation, use of hearse, funeral service, gratuity to the minister or priest, usage of flower van, donation to the American Legion for Military Service, limousine use, services of the musicians, and transportation for minister and pallbearers.

Some incidentals for the funeral service include register books, order of service folders, memorial folders with photo of the deceased, thank you cards, acknowledgement cards for pallbearers, extra visitation night, memory candle, heirloom bible, the service’s audio recording, and floral tribute package. More funeral services Knoxville, TN include veterans flag case (in case the deceased served the country in a military capacity), laminated obituary bookmarks, and remembrance registry, among other services.

Now that you know that your chosen funeral home would take care of your needs during the most difficult of time, you may wonder why funerals are held for a deceased person. Funerals have been a part of history since time immemorial. Early civilizations may have believed that funerals sent the deceased into their trip to the afterlife.

Currently, funeral services are often meant for the family left behind. It is a way for the family to gain closure as well as commemorate the life of the person. Such closure is often beneficial in the grieving stage as the family deals with a loss. The process of healing cannot begin truly until a memorial ceremony or funeral has taken place.

Scientists say that there is a need for humans to attend rituals pertaining to death. This need enables healing as well as give a way to connect with other people who are grieving for their loved ones. Such human need also facilitates in remembering the life of a dearly departed and what that person meant to the remaining family.

While the most common funeral services Knoxville, TN are the conventional in-ground burials, there is a rising number of people who prefer cremation. There are many funeral homes around Knoxville that also offer their own crematories.

There are various ways to say goodbye to a family member or friend who has passed on. Regardless of how you say goodbye, it is vital to have an option so that closure can occur and healing can commence. While the pain of losing a loved one may stay, a meaningful memorial service or funeral is very important in the healing journey and acceptance.

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PCB Assembly Process Using Surface-Mount Technology

Pcb assemblyPrinted board circuit assembly that uses surface-mount technology (SMT) involves a number of different stages – application of solder paste to the board, placement of devices, soldering, inspection, and testing. All of these stages are needed and have to be monitored to guarantee the best quality. Currently, almost all PCB assembly processes use surface-mount technology.

Solder Paste

Before putting in the components to a PCB, solder paste has to be applied in the areas of the PCB where solder is needed. This method is done using a solder screen. A solder paste is basically a powdered metal solder mixed with flux.

The solder screen is directly placed into the PCB, and then a runner moves through the screen dispensing a small amount of solder paste into the holes of the screen and into the PCB. The solder screen is previously created from the PCB files, so it has holes on the solder pads. This way, the solder paste is only placed on the solder pads.


During this stage of the PCB assembly process, the PCB with solder paste goes through the pick-and-place (P&P) method. A machine that holds the components picks up and correctly places the components into the PCB. The components placed on the PCB are held in position by the solder paste. Given that the PCB is not shaken, this is enough to keep the components steady.

In other assembly methods, the P&P machines affix a small amount of glue to keep the components secured to the PCB. However, this is usually done only if the PCB will go through wave soldering. A drawback of this method is that a needed repair will be much more difficult to perform because of the glue.


When the components have been placed, the PCB has to go through a soldering machine. While some PCBs may go through a wave soldering machine, surface-mount components do not commonly use this method. The solder paste is not applied into the PCB if it will go through a wave soldering machine because this type of machine provides the solder. Instead, the reflow soldering method is more extensively used.


Manual inspection is not usually done in SMT when using over one hundred components in PCB assembly. A much more practical method is an automatic optical inspection. There are machines that can inspect PCB’s and identify misplaced components, poor connections, and in some cases, an incorrect component.


Any electronic product must be tested before it leaves the factory. There are a number of ways a PCB can be tested. Power-off testing and analog signature analysis can be done while the power is off. In-circuit test is done while the power is on in which physical measurements are performed. Another test that can be done while the power is on is called functional test where the PCB is checked if it does what it is supposed to.


It is essential to check the outputs to make sure that the assembly method is running smoothly. This can be done by examining if a failure has been discovered. The ideal stage is during the optical inspection because this commonly happens after the soldering stage. Through this, the faults in the process can be identified immediately and corrected before too many PCB’s are created with the same fault.

The PCB assembly and manufacturing methods are continually improving to make sure there are only a few defects. Because of that, it will produce only the best quality electronic products. Considering the high demand in quality and the high number of components and solder connections used in the products nowadays, the assembly method is crucial in providing electronic products of the best possible quality.

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Jobs Open for Western Staff in Dubai Hotel Apartments

Property developments in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates are rising at a faster rate than ever before, opening up new jobs especially in the hospitality industry. In December last year, STR Global Construction Pipeline reported that more than 10,000 rooms were under construction in Dubai alone, and 3,000 plus in Abu Dhabi. Only Saudi Arabia stays ahead with more than 15,000 either in the construction or planning stage. Count a few months into 2014 and those rooms would be ready for bookings by mid-year.

This, plus the fact that the tourism industry in Dubai is growing by leaps and bounds, translates to a great potential growth in the number of jobs available for hotel staff, especially in Dubai which is growing a lot faster than any other emirate in the UAE. Over the years, Dubai has become a very western-friendly city and a place which could very well become a prolific job destination for American hospitality professionals.

hotel jobs in dubaiDubai hotel apartments are a good place to consider if you’re looking for work in the Middle East. Many of these hotels are looking for European and American staff in view of the great number of westerners going there on a regular basis. Expatriates now compose over 70% of the population count in the emirate, and a good number of these are westerners in different occupations. All kinds of jobs are available in these Dubai hotel apartments – from executive positions to waiters and waitresses – and the pay is considerable a lot more than what you’d get back home.

Actually, Dubai is struggling with a shortage of hospitality professionals. Even with hotels linking up with universities to be able to corner hotel management graduates, the growth in the tourism industry is still too fast for them to be able to keep up. Sourcing employees from overseas remains to be a more viable option. The city has 599 hotels and 80,500 hotel rooms, and the government hopes to double the number of rooms by 2020. If you happen to be a hotel management student, or doing hotel work now, these figures are something you would consider when looking for a job in Dubai hotel apartments.

salaryHigher salaries are among the major incentives for a career in Dubai hotel apartments and in other businesses there. And your pay goes straight into your bank account, because it is against the law in Dubai to levy taxes against personal income from employment. Aside from that, US citizens may qualify for the foreign earned income exclusion tax break, which excludes income up to $82,400 from any taxes to the US. Now that’s a good incentive which could attract more and more Americans to work in Dubai.

If you’re worried about possible cultural issues in Dubai, this is generally no longer an issue. When you start work there at any of the Dubai hotel apartments, you’ll find all kinds of nationalities around you, but lots of westerners and Americans too. They’re there either as travelling businessmen, tourists, or permanent residents – people who’ve decided to continue their careers there because of the more lucrative income, and who have invested in property, which is one thing that could also qualify you for permanent residency.

As far as western amenities are concerned, they’re all around in Dubai. The only thing that might surprise you is probably the weather. It gets awfully hot in the summer, June to September, up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, but most westerners don’t complain. They don’t stay out that much.

Weather during winter is very pleasant, 75 degrees in the daytime, and that’s when people flock to Dubai and the occupancy rate goes up drastically.  By then, you’ll be too busy attending to guests to worry about the weather.